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Muscle Relaxation Therapy & Dermal Filler Treatments

Welcome to Harbelle Aesthetics

Harbelle Aesthetics is run by medical director Dr Christopher Lam. He holds regular clinics in Stockport, Manchester and Liverpool. He has been practising medicine over over 18 years having qualified from the University of Manchester in 1998. He trained in a number of specialities within medicine and eventually settled on a career in General Practice.

Dr Lam currently works in the NHS as an Urgent Care Specialist and also runs a successful company providing medical cover at Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts Events. He is highly regarded in the area of Mixed Martial Arts in the UK and demand for his experience in the field has seen him travel all over the world to provide cover at the highest levels of competition.

In the area of aesthetics, Dr Lam has been offering non-surgical aesthetic services for over 10 years. Initially trained in Harley Street in London he undergoes regular training to keep his skills up to date.

Working ethically and safely and using his experience and knowledge he will get you the aesthetic results you desire.



“My aim is to bring high-quality evidence-based medical treatments into the aesthetic sphere. Safety, compliance and best practice lie at the heart of my services. I offer multiple treatments, from muscle relaxant injections to dermal fillers and medical grade skin products.” – Dr Christopher Lam

Our Services

Muscle Relaxant Therapy

Commonly known as Botox. Book a complimentary consultation to discuss the results you want to achieve

Lip Enhancement Treatments

Dermal filler treatment to add volume and enhance small thin lips. Book a complimentary consultation to discuss the results you want to achieve

Dermal Filler Treatment

Instantly plump and eradicate wrinkles. Book a complimentary consultation to discuss the results you want to achieve


  • You can see a full list of prices for all treatments on out prices page here

  • All of our treatments are safe and preformed by a highly qualified medical professional

  • The injections are extremely safe, however, like all injections, a small number of clients will have side-effects. See each treatment page for details.

  • The dermal fillers results are usually instantaneous. Muscle relaxant injections usually take a few days to work and a good effect is seen within two weeks.

  • The treatment can last from 3 to 4 months and it is recommended that the injections are repeated after this time to ensure maximum effects.

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